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General Gym Cleaning and Disinfecting Guidelines:

1. Wear disposable gloves, a mask, and eye protection to clean and disinfect.

2. Ensure that there is adequate ventilation during cleaning and disinfecting.

3. Use an alcohol free, phenol free, bleach free, and ammonia free cleaner or wipe containing an EPA approved disinfectant, such as GymWipes Antibacterial product.

4. If a surface is visibly covered in chalk or dirt, clean that surface prior to using a disinfectant.

5. Not all surfaces need to be cleaned or disinfected with the same frequency. Areas that are frequently touched such as door handles, barbells, pull-up bars, dumbbells and medicine balls should be cleaned after every use, while other surfaces that are not touched as often can be cleaned less frequently.

    • If chalk, debris, or sweat are present, follow these steps:

    • Remove chalk using a nylon bristle brush.

    • Chalk can hold moisture and bacteria and therefore must be removed prior to disinfecting.

    • Clean the handle and heads using a solution of mild soap or detergent and a clean lint free cloth.

    • Wet the dumbbell with an alcohol free, phenol free, bleach free, and ammonia free cleaner or wipe containing an EPA approved disinfectant. It’s best to use a product designed specifically for cleaning gym equipment, such as GymWipes Antibacterial.

    • Leave the disinfectant in place for the duration specified by the wipe manufacturer.

    • If you are using GymWipes Antibacterial, leave the product in place for at least 15 seconds. The solution will be the most effective if left on for at least 4 minutes or allowed to dry in place.

    • If you are using a different brand of wipes, refer to the manufacturer’s instructions to determine the correct amount of time needed for the product to work.

    • After the appropriate amount of time has passed, remove remaining disinfectant with a clean lint free cloth.

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